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Message from our Team:

Update: Silver Leaf Niagara is STILL here for all your gardening and landscaping needs!


First off, we strongly advise you to please STAY HOME and support the campaign to stop the spread COVID-19 during this time!


We are sure that our valued customers are very excited to see our garden center up and running soon and we are working hard to implement the best option with everyone’s safety as a priority. 


We are also aware that you are all eager to get started on your gardening or landscape projects for this year! With this in mind, we want to continue to provide our customers with the best services, despite the current circumstances. Silver Leaf invites you to contact us via email at for free landscape design estimates,  gardening consultation, and inventory/product inquiries during this difficult time. 


We will be updating you regularly on updates following up to our plan to support you for this upcoming gardening and landscape season. In the meantime, here are a few tips from our team to help you get started on your own until we can help:


  • Clean-up: a good clean-up of the entire garden including removal of dead leaves and debris will provide you with a clean slate to start your project. 

  • Dethatch your lawn: this removes decaying older growth, promotes defence against diseases, allows air, water, nutrients to travel closer to the root trunks of your plants. 

  • Aerate your lawn: this promotes good air exchange under the soil and supports nutrient availability for the root system while reducing soil compaction.

  • Fertilization: primarily, lawn fertilizing is recommended for stronger and healthy lawns in the Fall. But, late Spring fertilization will encourage better initial growth and result in a greener lawn with progression.

  • Loosen your soil: using a hand cultivator, pick at the soil around flowering plants, trees and shrubs etc. to release surface tension.

  • New Growth: as a caution, watch out for new shoots and any new growth of plants while you're working in your garden.

  • Distribution: now is a good time to move some plants around the yard and split or thin-out some plants if they are overgrown and taking over your garden. 

  • Re-staking: some vines (such as clematis) can be re-staked using wire-meshes along fences to support the desired growth of these plants

  • Late Spring Pruning: Some plants (such as Artemisia, Astilbe, Butterfly bush's, ornamental grasses, lavender) require pruning in the spring. Note that there is a lot to consider and take into hand on spring pruning based on the type of plant(s) you have in your garden. Contact one of our specialists for advice on late spring pruning! Caution: never prune spring flowering plants early in the spring, instead prune in late spring once blooming is over.

  • Compost: Always add a good compost layer to your garden each year for better results of plant growth and health throughout the season.


That’s all for now, enjoy your starts to your gardens, please feel free to contact us for any advice, and most importantly STAY INSIDE!


Thank you!


Silver Leaf Team

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